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Love it or Hate it: Movie Theaters

This is a little category that I like to call Love it or Hate it. First, I’ll tell you the reasons to love it. Second, I’ll tell you the reasons to hate it. Then I’ll tell you my final verdict and you’re more than welcome to comment which one you would choose and why. I would love to hear from you!

Love it

  1. Crystal the Clear Movie screen vs Smudges the Laptop screen. With laptops beginning to include touchscreens these days, the infamous finger smudges are becoming more and more common. Personally, smudges drive me a bit crazy and distract me from viewing my content in the way I want to. I would rather admire the cinematic excellence playing on my screen then the leftover pizza grease smudge from my previous night’s “I’m single and do what I want” pity party”.
  2. “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?” *Ears begin to ring with joy*. Being raised in a household where you could hear anyone from anywhere in the house, I have learned to appreciate the sanctuary of sound that movie theaters provide. Because trying to watch a movie while your sister is blasting music, your neighbor is mowing his lawn, and the backyard neighbor’s dogs are yapping, it can be a wee bit hard to focus on the movie. Yes, sometimes it can get a little loud in theaters, but it is better than straining your ear to understand what in the world each character is saying.
  3. Less Distractions (by that I mean your phone…you know who you are). We are all guilty of constantly pulling out our phones and checking all of our newsfeeds for no reason whatsoever. But it’s nice every once in a while to pocket the phones and be transported into another world. That’s what movies are known for, bringing you out of reality into another time and place where for a few minutes your problems/social media drama doesn’t exist. It’s more fun to think other people’s problems that make yours look like a piece of cake to handle. For example, an evil wizard trying to kill you, your father turning out to be a selfish planet, or whether or not to move out of your house after a demon tries to take over your whole family…just saying.

Hate it

  1. Breaks the Bank. Being a college student for over 4 years now, I can tell you that money is a precious thing that I never seem to have enough of. So after a long day of class and work, it would be nice to get together with the gang and go see a movie. But 9 out of 10 times, at least one of those friends will “pull that card”. The “I can’t afford to go to the movies because one movie ticket is the equivalent of about 40 packages of ramen and I need to eat to survive” card.
  2. Popcorn-osaurus Rex. If I had a dime for every time I wanted to turn around and sucker punch the person chomping on their popcorn during the quiet part, I would never have to worry about the cost of going to the movies ever again. Seriously, SHUT YOUR MOUTH! For the sake of my sanity, your unbroken face, and those suffering from Misophonia (look it up), please be respectful when eating at the movies. I don’t care if you scarfing it down during the intense battle scenes, but when my favorite character is taking their last breath, I don’t want to hear you enjoying your greasy buttery popcorn in the face of my personal tragedy (RIP *insert major spoiler here*)
  3. Previews for Days. I always seem to worry when I’m late to the movies. But I always find myself watching at least 30 minutes of previews before actually getting into the movie. By that point, my popcorn is gone and my patience has worn pretty thin with pent up anticipation. Although it is entertaining to lean to the person next to you and give your honest opinion on whatever preview you just watched, I would rather get to the movie I paid an arm and a leg to see. (Maybe they should decrease tickets by 50 cents for every preview you are forced to watch…or do they already do that…)

My Verdict: LOVE IT

To me, movies theaters have always been a place I love. I’ve had a lot of memories with friends going to the movies and without them, I would be lost. Reality sucks sometimes, I know, so it’s nice to relax and for only a few hours imagine what it would be like to be on a pirate ship, to be stranded in a foreign country, or to be madly in love (yep, I went there). Movies will always be magical to me and I will never stop going to them.

So, I just have one question for you:

Movie Theaters: Love it or Hate it? Let me know in the comments below!

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Love it or Hate it: Rain

This is a little category that I like to call Love It or Hate It. First, I’ll tell you reasons to love it. Second, I’ll tell you the reasons to hate it. Then I’ll tell you my final verdict and you’re more than welcome to comment which one you would choose and why. I would love to hear from you!

Love it

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1. Makes everything green. Okay, so I might be a bit biased on this one, but I LOVE the color green. I have a green backpack, green sheets, green curtains, green walls, etc. So, when it rains, I know that the grass and plants will become vibrant in my favorite color. Who doesn’t want to see their favorite color everywhere.

2. Has a soothing sound. On those chilly days when the sun isn’t shining and the rain is pitter pattering outside. There is nothing better than cuddling up in some warm blankets and listening to the sound of the raindrops tapping on the ground. There are even videos and apps that you can plug into and listen to that sound on repeat for hours on end. I don’t know why it is so soothing, but boy am I glad that it is.

3. Cleans things for free. When it rains, I want it to pour. I want buckets and buckets of fast punching rain to smack the ground. All so I don’t have to bring my car to the car wash to get the thousands of bugs off my windshield that I’ve been staring every time I drive. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve actually given certain smashed bugs names because they’ve been on there so long. I mean, it’s not always a good thing though. The looks I get when I’m staring out the window at my car screaming “DIE, LARRY, DIE!” is enough for anyone to question my sanity.

4. Good luck. I am definitely the sucker that believes that rain is a sign of good luck. Yeah it may have originally meant good luck if it rained on your wedding day, but I disagree. I think that at any time in your life, when it starts to rain it’s a sign that your luck is about to turn for the better. Maybe that’s why the Irish are always considered so lucky, because it rains ALL THE TIME there at RANDOM INTERVALS (based on my experience).

Hate it


1. Soaks you to the bone. When your someone who has gone so low as to go to the bathroom right before your Accounting 301 final to wring out at least a gallon of water from your jeans, the rain becomes enemy number one of the day. We’ve all probably had that experience when we channel our inner cat as we growl and hiss down a long hallway, dripping wet, and squeaking with every step. The rain is fun to watch from inside, but unless your Don Lockwood from Singing in the Rain, you may not be as excited to walk in it.

2. Traffic, traffic, and more traffic. All I have to say about this is: ITS JUST WATER! WHY IN THE WORLD ARE WE GOING SO FREAKING SLOW! ARGH! I’m cool…I’m cool…I know that it’s raining and we need to go slower…BUT IT’S ONLY MISTING! THE CLOUDS ARE GIVING LITTLE SNEEZES AND WE’RE TREATING IT LIKE A TIDAL WAVE. (But in all seriousness, please drive as comfortably and slowly as you want in the rain. Safety first.)

3. It always seems to happen when you are the least prepared.


“Oh would you look at that, it’s raining. It’s a good thing I didn’t bring my umbrella, a rain jacket, a hat, or anything to keep my papers dry with me,” said everyone.


My Verdict: LOVE IT

Yes, there are plenty negatives about the rain. But for me personally, the rain is something that has a special meaning. Ever since I was in Ireland, I began to love the rain a little more with every sprinkle. Like the time it started to torrential downpour and I had to bolt into a little coffee shop to avoid it. I had the best cup of coffee I’d ever had (and I don’t even like coffee that much). Or the time I was walking back from the bus stop to my apartment and it started to rain, then hail and I was forced to stand underneath a bridge. Good thing there was a young lad with a guitar there to play us some tunes while we waited out the rain.

To me, rain is good luck. It may not seem like it at the time and you may hate it in the moment, but you may be surprised by what the tides bring in. Except if you see a literal tidal wave of water coming your way, please run away as quickly as possible.